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Emergency Power Support

Peak Energy Systems provides a complete spectrum of DC Power Solutions for company's dependent on emergency backup power.  Communication, Data and Control Systems has always been the center of operations for any organization.


The dependence of these systems has created a consistent, growing demand for expertise in developing critical power support systems designed to meet the extraordinary levels of reliability that is imperative to today’s organizations.

Our experienced engineers and technicians will analyze your power requirements, design and install a power support system that will best meet your needs and produce reliable backup power through the full term of the system.  Is your organization prepared for the unexpected?

Our Services

Our Services
DC Power Systems

Our experience with 24V, 48V and 125V DC power systems is what companies depend on.  We offer site audits, installation and remediation services for all your DC power equipment. The end result is a constant supply of power to your vital infrastructure.


Peak Energy System provides UPS installation and service for both single and three phase units. We offer UPS maintenance service contracts to diagnose and repair any issues that arise to keep your system operational before trouble strikes.


The battery is the most critical part in any backup system. Our power experts show our customers how to minimize system downtime with on-site analysis of your power needs to safeguard the reliability of your backup power system.

How will your backup system perform?

Is your company's support power adequate to sustain it through protracted outages?

System Performance

From site planning to system start-up, get protected for the next unexpected power event.

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